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Help him reach 1000 followers!
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I'm 21 followers away from reaching 1,000. Any plebs out there to help make this possible 🙏

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"Was the gene technology ready to be used in a mass world-wide vaccination programme without a thorough examination of the potential problems of short- and long-term safety of this previously untested technology?"

Now is my second node upgraded to @runcitadel with great support from @AaronDewes ⚡️

Good point!
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People think the same companies that sell insulin for $1000 when it costs $5 are hero’s for creating a vaccine that doesn’t work but just happens to makes them billions 🤡🌎

What about this spike earlier today at Bitstamp? $38k and about 270 BTC traded in 3 min.

I'm in testing. :)
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Giveaway time!🚨

We are doing some testing with our referral codes🧑‍🔬

Drop your Relai referral code below for a chance to win 20 CHF in

To enter the giveaway simply:

🔁Retweet this post
❤️Like this post
🔢Drop your ref code below

We will announce the winners tomorrow!

There we go number two. And my soldering skills have been further improved. 😃 @SeedSigner @DIYnodes

Let's build one more SeedSigner. This time with an open pill case. 😎 @SeedSigner @DIYnodes

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🇦🇷 Welcome, Argentina! 🇦🇷

Today, we launch a superior financial experience to a country that faces hyperinflation, predatory payment networks, and unusable cross-border transfers

Today, we use the world's open monetary network, #Bitcoin, to give hope to the people of Argentina

We've discovered that users in Kazakhstan can circumvent internet shutdowns and censorship by using a specific Tor bridge. Follow our user guide, get a bridge, and avoid shutdowns today and tomorrow. #keepiton

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I’m going give $5,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 7 hours (must be following me so I can dm you if you win!)

I'm a winner! 😎
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If you have more at the end of 2021 than you did at the beginning of 2021, you are winning.

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